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Fluid-Handling Equipment & Control Solutions Company in Houston, TX

Founded in 1986, Flow-Tech Industries, Inc. (FTI) has established itself as a premier distributor of a broad but focused range of fluid-handling equipment and control sol utions. Offering well-known brands to the chemical, paper, refinery, marine and oil and gas industries, our success has resulted in large part from our commitment to providing responsible solutions to a variety of customer needs.

Our efforts have been focused on the leading providers of fluid-handling equipment to assemble the world’s premier manufacturers of valves, pumps, meters, seals, switches and control products under one provider. With the strength and experience of these leading brands, Flow-Tech Industries offers its customers the highest level of expertise and customer satisfaction in providing innovative, cost-effective fluid-handling and control solutions.

We are well aware that our customer satisfaction is our strength and our future; therefore, we strive to give 100% satisfaction. We are confident that our services and implementation of new initiative products will add significant value to your operation.

For more information about our company, call our main number at 281.479.9700. You can also contact a Flow-Tech sales representative via e-mail at [email protected]

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