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API 610 & API 674 Pumps from Pentair

Pentair's Fairbanks Nijhuis™ API 610 Split Case and Turbine pumps, Myers® and Myers® Aplex Series API 674 reciprocating pumps are
efficient, rugged and reliable. Pumping everything from NGL to heavy crude, these pumps provide excellent service in critical applications. With
over 125 years of pump manufacturing experience, the Fairbanks Nijhuis API 610 pumps are built for your specific application.

API 610 Vertical Turbine Pumps

API 610 Axial Flow PumpsAPI 610 Vertical Turbine PumpsAPI 610 Pumps

Vertical Turbines are available as product lubricated, with or without suctions cans, L or T heads. Flows are up to 50,000 GPM and pressures as required by the application.

Applications include:

  • Barge stripping
  • Oil transfer pumps
  • Cooling tower service
  • Pipeline pumps
  • NPSHa solution
  • Fire pumps


  • Application specific bearing spacing based upon RPM
  • Flanged column connections
  • Flanged bowl connections
  • Keyed impeller option
  • 1/8" corrosion allowance on pressure retaining parts
  • Keyed line shaft option
  • Mechanical seal plans as required
  • Self-priming

Api 610 Split Case Pumps

API 610 Split Case PumpsAPI 610 Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Horizontal split case pups provide an economical, easily maintained solution for many API 610 applications. Flow ranges as large as necessary.

Applications include:

  • Tank loading
  • Truck loading
  • Terminal
  • Pipeline service
  • Coolin gtowers
  • Fluid transfer


  • Rigid shafts
  • Short bearing spans
  • Double suction
  • Low axial thrust
  • 1/8" corrosion allowance

API 674 Reciprocating Pumps

API 674 Reciprocating PumpsAplex Series API 674 Reciprocating Pumps

Myers® and Myers® Aplex Series API 674 compliant
reciprocating pumps provide high pressure transfer of
fluids with high efficiency.


  • High Efficiency
  • 1 shift maintenance of expendables
  • Ease of maintenance-complete disassembly without disturbing driver
  • Easy valve replacement
  • Optional materials customize pumps to specific application for longevity





For more information about API pumps, call our main number at 713.690.7474. You can also contact a Flow Tech sales representative via e-mail at [email protected].

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