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Operating Principle for Rotary Lobe Pumps

Operating Principles of Rotary Lobe Pumps There are Two (2) intermeshed rotors affixed to gear driven shaft. The shafts rotate in opposite directions. The rotating motion of the rotors create an expanding cavity on the suction side. Allowing fluids & … Continue reading

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Selecting a Cooling Tower

The following design data is required to select cooling towers: Flow Rate in GPM Range of cooling in °F (T1 – T2) Area Wet Bulb Temperature in °F (Twb) The Design Heat Load is determined by the Flow Rate, and … Continue reading

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Boerger / Borger

There are two spellings for the spelling of this company, who manufacturers some amazing products.  The USA spells it Boerger and Germany spells it Borger (2 .. over the O).  Either way they manufacturer a rotary lobe pump and a macerator pump. There … Continue reading

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What Types of Meters Are Used in Custody Transfer

Metering Methods Custody transfer is one of the most important applications for flow measurement. Many flow measurement technologies are used for custody transfer applications; these include differential pressure DP flow meters, turbine flow meters, positive displacement flow meters, Coriolis flow … Continue reading

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