Offshore Vertical Turbine Fire Pump Systems


Offshore Vertical Turbine Fire Pump Systems can be intricate. From material codes, to the listing agencies like UL and FM, NFPA 20, Coast Guard Regulations, ABS, DNV, and customer specifications. Then, of course, there is the seawater itself; did you know that certain metals can react differently and last longer in colder seawater than they will in warmer seawater (and vice versa)? Material codes for offshore pumps are always complex, and that’s why at Flow-Tech, we pride ourselves on our Industry experience and the ability to help find the most cost effective solution available. Offshore fire pumps come in 2 forms, listed and none listed. Non listed would be Fire Water pumps, built in accordance to NFPA 20, and not holding the stamps of UL or FM, and  listed would be Per NFPA 20 and holding the stamps of UL and/or FM. Coast Guard regulations come into play when still in US waters, and working with a company familiar with building a skid that can accommodate both NFPA 20 and coast guard will be key, as they weren’t written with one another in mind at the time. Making certain that the company you are purchasing your Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps from has ABS or DNV type certs is never a bad idea, this tells you that the pumps you are purchasing have a marine and offshore classification. Having the right Industrial Fire Pump Company is very beneficial, especially in the offshore marketplace! Do you have an offshore vertical turbine application you need assistance with? Contact us at [email protected] or  713-690-7474

Diesel Driven Offshore Vertical Turbine Fire Pump

Diesel Driven Offshore Vertical Turbine Fire Pump



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