Selecting a Cooling Tower

The following design data is required to select cooling towers:

Flow Rate in GPM
Range of cooling in °F (T1 – T2)
Area Wet Bulb Temperature in °F (Twb)

The Design Heat Load is determined by the Flow Rate, and the Range of cooling, and is calculated using the following formula:

Heat Load (BTU/Hr) = GPM X 500 X ° Range of cooling

If the Heat Load, and one of the other two factors are known (either the GPM or the ° Range of cooling) the other can be calculated using this formula.

GPM = Heat Load (BTU/Hr) / 500 X ° Range of cooling
° Range of cooling = Heat Load (BTU/Hr) / 500 X GPM

The Design GPM and the ° Range of cooling are directly proportional to the Heat Load.
For More information on Delta Cooling towers go to
Then click on the sizing Chart.

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