Magnetic Drive Pumps
By Flow-Tech Industries

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Drive pumps are environmentally friendly pumps used for ultimate protection against leakage.

MD pumps are designed to pump flammable, toxic or ground water polluting liquids, where no leakages can be risked.

MD pumps are typically used for pumping isocyanates, solvents as phenol and xylene, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, benzene and other hazardous organic liquids including mildly abrasive paints and sweeteners.

Their use is extended to applications where leakage would be costly, e.g. highly refined chemicals, or where long overhaul intervals are required, reducing maintenance labour costs and loss of process time.

Rotan MD Series Magnetic Drive Pumps
Construction Materials

Cast iron, carbon steel, or stainless steel

Capacity range:

Up to 400 gpm


Up to 1750 rpm

Differential pressure:

Up to 250 psi

Suction lift:

Up to 15" Hg vacuum while priming
Up to 24" gh vacuum while pumping

Viscosity range:

Up to 10,000cSt


Up to 500°F

One of the distinguishing features of the ROTAN MD range is that the pumped medium is hermetically contained in the system since the magnetic coupling eliminates the need for a shaft and mechanical seal which could allow gaseous exchange between the pumped medium and the atmosphere.

Unlike centrifugal pumps, the ROTAN MD pump offers gentle liquid handling and a high priming vacuum as well as the pumping of highly viscous liquids.

The pump is designed as a monobloc unit, i.e. direct coupled with standard NEMA or IEC motor, gear motor or gearbox with NEMA or IEC motor. All MD pumps are also available with a free shaft end for assembly with a drive unit by means of a flexible coupling.

The pump bearings are fitted to the pump and lubricated by the pumped medium. MD pumps are available with the following bearing options.

  • Carbon/steel (media with poor lubricating properties)
  • Bronze/steel (media with good lubricating properties)
  • Cast iron/steel (light applications)
  • Tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide (abrasive media, particularly low wear rate).

The magnetic coupling is provided with the number of magnets required for the power to be transmitted. The material is neodymium-iron-boron or samarium-cobalt for operating temperatures higher than 300°F (150°C); both magnetic materials are rare earth types which can be magnetized approximately 10 times more than iron.

Rotan MD Series Pump

The most advanced, magnetically driven, positive displacement pump available.

The ROTAN pump is provided with a patented principle of circulation of the pump medium around the magnetic coupling; simple "centrifugal pump" shaped channels in shaft/rotor ensure continual replacement of the liquid in the magnetic coupling which has been heated by friction and re-circulation. This also ensures efficient lubrication of and heat transfer from the slide bearings.

The effect of the liquid pressure on the rotor is dynamically balanced by means of the hydraulic pressure itself, because of the special shaping to the back of the rotor. This has the effect of increasing the life of the thrust bearings whilst minimizing system losses.

The ROTAN pump offers pumping in both directions simply by reversing the direction of rotation of the motor.

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