Sump Pumps
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Aurora 530 Series Single Stage Sump Pumps - "NSB"

  • Capacities to 1200 GPM
  • Heads to 180 Feet
  • Temperatures to 180°F
Sump Pumps Houston, TX


The vertical extended shaft single stage centrifugal pump occupies an important place within the pumping industry. It performs as no other pump can, the function of transferring Iiquid from below ground reservoirs or enclosed tanks. While the vertical pump is not necessarily expensive, its design is in many ways more critical than those of more common centrifugal pumping units. Attention must be paid to pump operating speeds, bearing arrangements, shaft design and construction. This bulletin illustrates, to the customer, how this pump will contribute to the solution of complex pumping applications.

Aurora 530 Series Single Stage Sump Pumps Houston, TX

Quick Reference 530 Series Feature Selector

Standard Features

  • Bronze fitted construction
  • Bronze pump bearings
  • Bronze line bearings
  • (6" 2"' settings and deeper)
  • Dynamically balanced vacuum cast
    enclosed impeller
  • Elevated regreaseable thrust ball bearing
  • Grease lubricated pump and line bearings
  • Standard hp base motors
  • Casing wearing ring(s)
  • Carbon steel shaft
  • Packing with lantern ring
  • Oval baseplate
  • 4" Vent – 34" baseplate and larger
  • Float switch
  • High density polyethylene float and rod
  • Elevated switch support
  • External adjustment of impeller
  • Pump setting increments of 6"
  • Pump settings up to 15'8"

Optional Features

  • All iron, all bronze or stainless steel construction
  • Various pump and line bearing types
  • Semiopen impeller
  • Drip oiler for line bearings
  • Solenoid oiler for line bearings
  • Impeller wearing rings
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Round, square or special baseplates
  • 4" Vent – 28" baseplate and smaller
    (not available on oval plates)
  • Various float switch enclosures
  • High water alarm
  • Float guard
  • Pressurized support column
  • Flushing lines to sleeve bearings
  • Electric controllers
  • Below surface discharge
  • Pump settings over 15'8"



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