Fairbanks Morse Vortex Pumps Houston, TX
Fairbanks Morse Vortex Pumps
Fairbanks Morse Vortex Pumps

Brand: Fairbanks
Capacities: 50 to 3,000 GPM
Heads: To 200 feet

Fairbanks Morse Series 4500C, 4600CE & 4700E vortex hard metal pumps use a fully recessed impeller ideally suited for grit applications with higher concentrations of solids and sludge.

4500C - Heavy duty, slow speed high chrome iron (nominal 650 Brinell) pump with fully recessed cupped type vortex impeller with two piece case and removable wear plate. 

Sizes: 2", 3", 4", 6", 8" discharge with various optional suction sizes
Flow rates: To 3,000 GPM
Head: To 140 feet

4600CE - Standard duty pump with high chrome iron liquid end, with fully recessed vortex impeller pump and replaceable high chrome iron wear plate.  Sizes 2", 3", 4", 6" discharge; flow rates to 1,400 GPM; head to 160 feet.

4700E - Cast iron fully recessed vortex pump with one piece casing (other alloys are available.)  Sizes 2", 3", 4", 6" discharge; flow rates to 1,800 GPM; head to 200 feet.

Our NoseCone Kit protects your impeller hardware against erosion, corrosion and abrasion.  This makes removal of the impeller far easier, reduces downtime and minimizes the need to replace these components when the pump impeller is removed for service.  NoseCone also enhances hydraulic efficiency by providing a smoother passage of pumped fluid at the impeller hub.

Package Options - We can supply many different drive configurations with your vortex pump, including motors, V-belt drive or direct coupling drive. Mounting arrangements include overhead, in-line or side-by-side configuration.


For more information about Vortex Pumps, call our main number at 713.690.7474. You can also contact a Flow-Tech sales representative via email at [email protected].

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