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Flow-Tech provides a comprehensive line of high quality mass flow meters offering customers an advantage in accuracy, sensitivity and turndown ratio. The wide range ability of our meters makes these thermal sensors suitable for laboratory and industrial applications.

Coriolis mass meters measure MASS UNITS (weight). Such measurements are common in many industries including the chemical industry for weight-based batching and blending.

Mass Flow Meters are ideal for:

  • High accuracy for low flow applications below the practical limits of volumetric meters
  • High temperature applications to 660°F
  • High-flow and high-pressure applications

Our product line features:

  • Sizes: 1/4" through 12"
  • Flow Rates: 0.004 lbs/min to 50,000 lbs/min
  • End Connections: ANSI Flanged, Threaded, Sanitary
  • Pressure Ratings: 150 - 2,500 ANSI
  • Materials of Construction: 316 Ti Stainless Steel (Hastelloy and Tantalum available on request)
  • Accuracy: Capable of ±0.2% of rate over 20:1 range
  • Repeatability: Capable of 0.1% of flow rate

Flow-Tech Flow Meter Brands


Endress+Hauser Flow Meters


Endress+Hauser Mass Flow Meters Houston, TX


The Endress+Hauser coriolis mass flow measuring system is the universal and multivariable flow meter for liquids and gases for custody transfer.

The Promass measuring devices make it possible to simultaneously record several process variables (mass/density/temperature) for various process conditions during measuring operation.

Endress+Hauser Mass Flow Meter features:

  • Modular device and operating concept resulting in a higher degree of efficiency
  • Diagnostic ability and data back-up for increased process quality
  • Multivariable flow measurement in compact design
  • Insensitivity to vibrations thanks to balanced two-tube measuring system
  • Immune from external piping forces due to robust design
  • Easy installation without taking inlet and outlet runs into consideration

Field of Application
The Coriolis measuring principle operates independently of the physical fluid properties, such as viscosity and density.
It is extremely accurate, has a verified measurement of liquids (other than water) and can be utilized for gases under high pressure (> 100 bar).

  • Fluid temperatures up to +350 °C
  • Process pressures up to 350 bar
  • Mass flow measurement up to 2200 t/h

Approvals for custody transfer: PTB, NMi, METAS, BEV, NTEP, MC
Approvals for hazardous area: ATEX, FM, CSA, TIIS
Approvals in the food industry/hygiene sector: 3A, FDA

Connection to process control system: HART
Relevant safety aspects: Secondary containment (up to 100 bar), Pressure Equipment Directive



For more information about mass flow meters, call our main number at 281.479.9700. You can also contact a Flow-Tech sales representative via email at [email protected].

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