Fairbanks Morse
For moderate volume pumping upwards at moderate pressure
Heads: 1.5 to 100 feet

Fairbanks Morse Mixed Flow Propeller Pumps

Fairbanks Morse vertical mixed flow propeller pumps are of rugged, heavy-duty construction designed to successfully operate in a multitude of applications requiring the movement of a high volume of water at a low discharge pressure. They are used extensively for pumping water from sources including lakes, cooling ponds, tanks, rivers and oceans.

Mixed flow propeller pumps make great water cooling pumps. Other applications include raw water intake, dewatering, storm water removal, and flood control. Fairbanks Morse vertical mixed flow propeller pump applications are found in a variety of markets including: urban and rural municipal water, government, industrial and irrigation, and more.

The successful application of vertical mixed flow propeller pumps requires the consideration of many elements. In addition to knowing the capacity and discharge head requirements, other factors which need to be evaluated include:

  • Total pump thrust
  • Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA) and submergence
  • Capacity operating range
  • Horsepower required throughout the pump's operating range
  • Sump requirements

Other considerations include:

  • Parameters of the liquid being pumped
  • Allowable solid size
  • Type of line shaft lubrication
  • Type of line shaft sealing
  • Elevation
  • Driver requirements
  • Material of construction

Parameters of vertical pumping applications require the units be available in a variety of pumping configurations to meet user needs. Fairbanks Morse meets these demands by providing pump bowls from 10" to 72" in diameter. Propeller bowls can be single-stage or double-staged in series to produce the necessary discharge pressures.

Material of construction include cast iron, bronze, and stainless steel, or other machinable materials. Bowl wear liners are available to provide a renewable surface.

Open line shafts allow the product to lubricate the shaft bearings. Enclosed line shafts can provide external water flush, oil, or grease-bearing lubrication. Column connections are flanged for ease of maintenance.

Drive shafts extending through the discharge head can be sealed using either packing or mechanical seals. A wide range of mechanical seal designs are available along with an assortment of packing box designs. Fairbanks Morse also offers an array of discharge head designs, including cast iron or fabricated steel construction, above- or below-ground discharge, and flanged or plain-end discharge connections.

Vertical mixed flow propeller pumps can be driven by vertical hollow-shaft motors, vertical solid-shaft motors, or through right-angle gears by an internal combustion engine, steam turbine, or horizontal motors. When vertical hollow-shaft drivers are used, impeller-to-bowl clearances can be maintained with an adjusting nut located at the top of the driver. When vertical solid-shaft drivers are utilized, impeller clearance is regulated with an adjustable coupling.

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