NOV Monoflo’s EZ StripTM Transfer Pump
By Flow-Tech Industries



Pump Challenge
Traditional progressive cavity (PC) pump maintenance requires full removal from the pipe work to replace the pump’s rotor, stator, and connecting rod assembly. This job is strained by reduced maintenance budgets and diminishing in-house expertise.

Fairbanks chopper pumps are available through Flow-TechNOV Monoflo's EZ Strip Transfer Pump

EZ Solution
NOV Monofo's EZstrip™ Transfer Pump is designed to be “Maintained-in-Place”, reducing maintenance time from hours to minutes for significant time and cost savings.

Maintain-in-Place Capabilities:

  • Reduces the time and effort required for maintenance
  • No electrical disconnection for quick and easy removal of rotating parts
  • Eliminates the need for dismantling length
  • Requires only a wrench and an allen key to maintain

No De-rating Needed
Operational parameters unaffected since design has no effect on flow and pressure.

Eliminate Dismantling Length During Maintenance
Suction and discharge ports remain connected to the pipe work

Reduce Cost of Ownership
Minimize spares consumption due to easy de-rag and less dry run occurrences

Compatible with new pumps or retrofitted into existing Compact C and B-Range installations

Short Lead Times
Fully stocked inventory means less downtime in day-to-day operations

Time and Cost Savings

The EZstrip™ Transfer Pump provides a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag, and maintain a PC pump in place, reducing maintenance time by more than 93% for significant cost savings.
You'll save more than $16,500 over the life of one EZstrip™ Transfer Pump compared to a standard PC pump.
To see the EZstrip™ Transfer Pump in action, visit

Fairbanks chopper pumps are available through Flow-TechFairbanks chopper pumps are available through Flow-Tech


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Perfomance Data

Fairbanks chopper pumps are available through Flow-Tech



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