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ANSI Pumps

By Flow-Tech Industries

ANSI standard pumps are manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements and meet the revised ANSI B73.1M specifications. All of our ANSI pump brands combine high efficiency, maximum performance and extended mean time between failures to help you reduce costs.

Quality engineered, innovative products backed by our “Customer First” commitment have made Flow-Tech a leader in ANSI pump sales and service.

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  • Capacities to 4,500 gallons per minute
  • Heads up to 730 feet TDH
  • Flow rates to 320 gpm
  • Up to 150 psi maximum working pressure
  • Seal-less, PFA-lined magnetic drive providing leak-free performance
  • Non-metallic containment shell prevents the hysteresis losses associated with alloy designs
  • Close-coupled design engineered for standard C-face motors

  • Capacities to 4200 GPM (954 m3/hr)
  • Heads to 725 Ft. (221 m)
  • Temperatures to 650˚F (343˚C)
  • Pressures to 375 PSIG (2586 kPa)

ANSI Pumps
The Aurora Model 3550 was designed to perform in the toughest industrial
applications whether in the chemical, petro-chemical, mining, pulp and paper,
consumer products or general industry.
If you are considering an ANSI pump for an industrial application, look to Aurora
Model 3550 for your pumping solution.

Model 3550 S, M / L, XL
The Aurora Model 3550-S, M/L, and XL were developed with the standard features
required to withstand the most difficult applications and maximize mean-timebetween-
failures (MTBF).

  • Model 3550-S – 5 ASME/ANSI Pumps
  • Model 3550-M/L – 15 ASME/ANSI Pumps
  • Model 3550-XL – 5 ASME/ANSI Pumps

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