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Flow-Tek Butterfly Valves

Sold By Flow-Tech Industries

Automated Butterfly Valves – Series 31

  • 2-Way & 3-Way
  • Wafer and Lug Style Bodies
  • For Mixing & Diverting, Hot & Chilled Water, Steam & Special Applications

Bray Controls automated line of butterfly valves, Series 31 is available in a lug or wafer style body. Designed for general applications, this valve features long service life, ease of parts replacement, and interchangeability of components.

Bray’s high quality automated butterfly valves precisely regulate the flow of hot and cold water or steam through all types of coils and heat exchangers.

The Series 31 2-Way valves have an equal percentage flow characteristic. The 3-Way valves have a liner flow. Both offer a very high rangeability and bubble tight shut-off capacity, and feature ease of installation and maintenance.
Optional Features Include:

  • Aluminum Bronze discs
  • Cast Steel bodies
  • Fluoroelastomer Seats for high temperatures up to +400°F.

The Bray Series 31 also offers a thin-profile disc without disc/stem fasteners to obstruct the flow. This design eliminates possible leak paths and allows for high Cv values with reduced turbulence. Stem design provides blow-out proof protection.
Most of Bray’s electric and pneumatic actuators direct mount to Bray’s butterfly valves, reducing space requirements.

Automated Butterfly Valves – Series 41

The Series 41 offers bidirectional, zero leakage, shutoff at full rated ANSI Class 150 operating pressures. It is rated 150 psi saturated steam at 366°F for on-off applications and 50 psi at 300°F for modulating service. The simple, innovative design offers rugged reliability and easy maintenance.


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