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API Pumps


Heavy-Duty, Horizontal End-Suction Pump

Our heavy-duty, horizontal end-suction pump for handling hydrocarbons and process industry applications, includes flows up to 11,000 GPM.

Our heavy-duty Pump

Designed as a foot-mounted version of our API centerline-mounted Maxum OH2, the Maxum OH1 is an industry workhorse. The Maxum OH1 can be motor, engine, or turbine-driven and is ideal for water, hydrocarbons, caustic and acid applications. With hydraulic performance to 11,000 GPM and 720 feet of head, this pump family is available in carbon steel, 12% chrome, 316L and duplex stainless steel, according to standard API material codes. In addition to these, higher alloys such as Alloy 20, Hastelloy B or C, Monel and titanium are also available.

As standard these units come with oil-lubricated bearings with labyrinth isolators, and connections for temperature probes. Common options include various cartridge seals and API piping systems. Flanged or NPT auxiliary connections, cooling jackets, spacer couplings, and various levels of performance testing are also available, depending on users’ requirements. Available heavy-duty baseplates result in maximum flange loadings that meet or exceed the requirements of API 610. With some of the most efficient hydraulics in the industry, the Maxum series offers reliability, low lifetime cost, and lasting value that has made Carver one of the most trusted names in pumps.


API 610 Compliant End-Suction Pump

Our heavy-duty, horizontal end-suction pump for handling hydrocarbons and process industry applications, includes flows up to 11,000 GPM.

API Maxum OH2

The API Maxum OH2 is designed for optimum reliability, featuring rugged construction and state-of-the-art mechanical design. Units are well suited for applications that include petroleum refining/production/distribution, petrochemical/chemical processing, boiler circulation/high- temperature applications, and general industrial use. A workhorse in the industry, these pumps are designed for years of service, in some of the toughest environments imaginable.

This model is fully compliant with latest edition API 610 specifications. Standard features include renewable casing wear rings, API 610 seal chamber sized to accommodate 682 mechanical seals, back pull-out construction, dynamically-balanced impellers, heavy-duty carbon steel/finned bearing housing equipped with labyrinth-type oil seals, and fan cooling. Locations are also included for temperature probes, as standard. Common options include single, double or tandem mechanical seals, and various seal flush systems. Heavy-duty baseplates, casing jackets, and various levels of performance testing are also available.

Together, these features combine to produce some of the most efficient hydraulics in the industry and shaft deflection values meeting or exceeding those of API 610 requirements. The API Maxum OH2 is also available as an OH1 design for lower temperature applications.

API 610 & API 674 Pumps from Pentair

Pentair’s Fairbanks Nijhuis™ API 610 Split Case and Turbine pumps, Myers® and Myers® Aplex Series API 674 reciprocating pumps are efficient, rugged and reliable. Pumping everything from NGL to heavy crude, these pumps provide excellent service in critical applications. With over 125 years of pump manufacturing experience, the Fairbanks Nijhuis API 610 pumps are built for your specific application.

API 610 Vertical Turbine Pumps

Vertical Turbines are available as product lubricated, with or without suctions cans, L or T heads. Flows are up to 50,000 GPM and pressures as required by the application.

Applications include:

  • Barge stripping
  • Oil transfer pumps
  • Cooling tower service
  • Pipeline pumps
  • NPSHa solution
  • Fire pumps


  • Application specific bearing spacing based upon RPM
  • Flanged column connections
  • Flanged bowl connections
  • Keyed impeller option
  • 1/8″ corrosion allowance on pressure retaining parts
  • Keyed line shaft option
  • Mechanical seal plans as required
  • Self-priming

API 610 Split Case Pumps

Horizontal split case pups provide an economical, easily maintained solution for many API 610 applications. Flow ranges as large as necessary.

Applications include:

  • Tank loading
  • Truck loading
  • Terminal
  • Pipeline service
  • Coolin gtowers
  • Fluid transfer


  • Rigid shafts
  • Short bearing spans
  • Double suction
  • Low axial thrust
  • 1/8″ corrosion allowance

API 674 Reciprocating Pumps

Myers® and Myers® Aplex Series API 674 compliant
reciprocating pumps provide high pressure transfer of
fluids with high efficiency.


  • High Efficiency
  • 1 shift maintenance of expendables
  • Ease of maintenance-complete disassembly without disturbing driver
  • Easy valve replacement
  • Optional materials customize pumps to specific application for longevity

Fluid-Handling Equipment Controlled Solutions