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Flow-Tek Ball Valves

Sold By Flow-Tech Industries

As a distributer, Flow-Tech offers a broad line of Flow-Tek ball valves with sizes ranging from ¼” through 24”. These valves are available in the most requested body styles, sizes, end connections and pressure classes. Flow-Tek specialises in 3-way valves, flanged valves, one and two piece threaded valves and multi-port valves. We also offer Non-Fire Safe and Fire Safe valves certified to API 607 4th Edition.

All Flow-Tek valves offer low torque and high Cv values. A Secure Mount design and Autolink hardware ensures low-profile actuator mounting. These features, combined with the Automator Series of control accessories, provide our customers with single source responsibility for all their automated ball valve requirements.
Our most popular Flow-Tek Ball Valves are listed below.

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Models FP/SP-2000/3000
3 Piece Bodies
Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel
Full Port / Standard Port
Valve Sizes: 1/4″ through 4″
Pressure Ratings:
– Model FP: 2200 psi WOG
– Model SP: 2200 psi WOG
– FP & SP: up to 500 psi

Fire Safe or Non Fire Safe
2-Piece Bodies
Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel
Full Port
Valve Sizes: 1/2″ through 12″
Pressure Ratings:
– Model F15: ANSI Class 150
– Model F30: ANSI Class 300

Compact Design
Models MPT130/MPC130
Stainless Steel
Standard Port
Valve Sizes: 1/4″ through 2″
Pressure Ratings:
– 1/4″-1″: 1000 psi WOG
– 1-1/4″-2″: 800 psi WOG

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