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Submersible Pumps


An industry leading complete turnkey company, providing engineered wastewater systems. Myers provides the most comprehensive personal engineered services available in the industry by assisting engineers, architects, developers and regional planners with project assistance from the design inception through final product installation for their customized pressure sewer system.

Grinder Pumps

  • 2 HP through 15 HP grinder pumps with lifts to 260 feet and flows to 190 GPM
  • Offered as complete turnkey systems or engineered to specification
  • Computer system design and selection programs available for design assistance
  • Explosion-proof construction available

Non-Clogs Pumps

  • 3″ discharge through 12″ discharge with 2″ to 5.25″ solids handling
  • 1 HP through 125 HP
  • Lifts to 280 feet and flows to 8000 GPM
  • Computer system design and selection programs available
  • Explosion-proof construction available
  • Custom designed controls and alarm panels
  • Liquid level controls
  • 3″ through 12″ guide rail lift-out packages
  • Explosion-proof construction available


Submersible Solids Handling Pumps

Brands: Fairbanks / Hydromatic / Myers
Capacities: 15 to 8,000 GPM
Heads: 5 to 290 feet

Submersible Pump Applications 

Flow-Tech Industries submersible solids handling pumps are utilized for sewage and raw water lift stations, which are usually unattended and require utmost reliability and freedom from clogging or other downtime maintenance.

Submersible solids-handling pumps can be found in sewage and raw water lift stations, many unattended, which require utmost reliability and freedom from clogging or other downtime maintenance. Plants demand pumps to provide sustained high performance, the best possible design to resist clogging, and minimum size driving motors and controls to reduce construction and operation costs. Sewage and wastewater treatment plants and industrial plants where solids handling service is required are other typical installations.

The successful application of submersible solids-handling pumps requires the consideration of many elements. In addition to knowing the capacity and discharge head requirements, other factors that need to be evaluated include:

  • Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA) and submergence
  • Maximum operating pressure
  • Capacity operating range
  • Horsepower required throughout the pump’s operating range
  • System head curve
  • Sump requirements

Other considerations include:

  • Parameters of the liquid being pumped
  • Allowable solid size
  • Elevation
  • Driver requirements
  • Material of construction

Submersible Solids Handling Pump Features

Parameters of submersible solids-handling pumps require the units to be available in configurations to meet user needs. Fairbanks Morse meets these demands by providing submersible solids-handling pumps in discharge sizes from 2″ to 10″ in diameter. Pumps can be of the pull-up type configuration allowing the user to quickly pull the unit out of the wet well for inspection. The discharge connection is made with the discharge elbow as the pump is lowered in place. Optional submersible configuration provides a pump, which rests on the sump floor and is hard piped to discharge piping.
Pumps, motors and pull-up systems are UL Listed for operation in Class I, Division 1, Group C and D hazardous locations, and feature explosion-proof construction.

Impellers are single-suction, mixed-flow design with large passageways, vanes with blunt well-rounded leading edges and a thick hydrofoil shape preventing long stringy material from wrapping around the leading edge. Impellers are matched with thick-wall equalizing-pressure, constant-velocity volutes. This design channels the flow away from the impeller vanes into the circular flow area of the impeller passageways and casing, to ensure passage of large solids and long stringy materials, reduce turbulence, and radial and bending shaft forces. Abrasive wear is minimized, bearing, mechanical seal and shaft life is lengthened, and most important, maintenance and downtime costs are greatly reduced, resulting in true savings. An added advantage is a smooth, quiet and trouble-free installation.

Materials of construction include cast iron volutes, cast iron or bronze impellers and stainless steel shaft. Shafts are sealed by two separate tandem mounted mechanical seals to protect the motor from the pumped liquid.
Pump is driven by a UL Listed submersible motor with superior sealing features over other submersible motor designs to ensure a durable long life unit. In fact, Fairbanks Morse backs their submersible units with a five-year prorated warranty.

Myers Submersible Solids Handling Pumps

Myers submersible solids handling wastewater pumps are available for your pumping application needs.
Products include:

  • Submersible grinder pumps
  • 3″ through 12″ solids handling pumps
  • Sump/sewage/effluent pumps and accessories

Myers is recognized worldwide for quality, service and innovation. The Industrial Pump Division realizes that success in today’s global environment depends on much more than brick and mortar. Myers’ focus is on the customer and their needs.

The combination of extraordinary customer service, superior manufacturing capabilities and new products for niche markets make a powerful culture for growth. This philosophy from top to bottom is one of flexibility, creativity and responsiveness to customer needs. Replacement and service parts are thus readily available worldwide.

Myers also offers an extensive line of single and multi-stage centrifugal pumps. Myers centrifugal pumps have earned a reputation for dependable and efficient performance in demanding continuous service applications. Myers offers complete pump and motor assemblies or pump-end kits for mounting to customer supplied motors.

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