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Engineered Solutions

Offers a variety of engineered systems for
On & Off shore application

TM Series Cooling Towers – By Delta Cooling Towers, Inc.
Premier Series Cooling Towers – By Delta Cooling Towers, Inc.
Anto-Microbial Tower – By Delta Cooling Towers, Inc.
Fire Pump Systems – By Aurora, Fairbanks, and Layne-Vertiline
Fuel Monitoring Systems – At engine or through Satellite – By Flow-Tech Industries
Frac Water – Produced Water Treatment System – By Ecologix Systems

Flow-Tech can meet your needs with engineered products customized to product solutions to your unique challenges.

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Flow-Tech custom designs fuel monitoring around customer needs. Specializing in the Marine and offshore oil and gas markets, we can offer the simplest tasks of retrieving information at the engine or in control room / wheel house, or the complicated task of having information sent by Satellite to the home office.

Fluid-Handling Equipment Controlled Solutions